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a simple personal finance dashboard

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gm ✨


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ETH card

Debit card, but make it ETH

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Algorithm store

What if you could install social media algorithms you want, built by creators you trust? Each algorithm could be graphed against:

🔥 Intensity - Strength of the algorithm
🧠. Health - Positive or negative impact on wellbeing
🎯 Ads - How much the algorithm is affected by ads

Imagine a new class of creators that are really good at creating open algorithms for different outcomes: learning new skills, becoming healthier or just having fun.

Ideally, we can claw ads away from algorithms by giving platforms and creators an opportunity to earn revenue from people who are willing to pay for really good algorithms.

Today algorithms are generally a black box. We don't know how it makes decisions. We have no way of customizing it and we have few alternatives. By exposing human-readable parameters of algorithms, we can live beyond singular algorithms and enjoy a competitive marketplace.

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Voice stories

What if you could post voice stories?