A little about me, contact info and my journey

My name is Ahmed Al-Ismaily. I am a designer based in Toronto. I grew up in Brampton. I studied Human Rights & Equity Studies at York University.

I currently work as a product designer at Guilded, helping design the next generation of gaming chat.

Get in touch

Email: ahmed@saleh.digital
Twitter: @saleh_digital

My journey

Since 2008, I've been designing websites, brands and more recently products. I was introduced to design through a class on Adobe Photoshop in high school. From there, I taught my self design mostly through client work, some books and the occasional YouTube tutorial.

In 2009, I began to become deeply involved with youth organizations like MYNA and MIST. Working with the community gave me an opportunity to give back and hone my skills at the same time. Without the community, my career in design would have not been possible.

Hyping up my MIST team during a chant-off

In 2010, I started a one-man design agency named Saleh Enterprise where I designed brands and websites for clients.

In 2011, I co-founded LAB-B, the first co-working space in Brampton with Harpreet Singh and Harman Grewal.

Biggie mural in the LAB-B space

In 2012, I dropped out of university to pursue design full-time as a visual designer at Kinetic Commerce.

In the same year I travelled to my country of origin for the first time, where my tribe and people reside - Oman. The trip had a profound impact on me and left an impression on me that rests with me until today.

In the former capital of oman, muttrah

In 2015, I joined Sampler as a UI/UX designer and early employee to help design products and features.

In 2017, I taught design at Bitmaker and eventually became the Lead UX and Product Design instructor.

In the same year, I co-founded a music studio called Gem Sound.  

The workstation in the Gem Sound studio

In 2018, I worked as a product designer for Dot Health to help make personal health information easier for patients to understand.

Hosting a Dot health event on race, technology and healthcare that i organized and designed

In my spare time, I offer pro-bono and discounted advice to community organizations, friends and projects I believe in.

My goal is to use design to help make the world a better place. It may sound naive and I may often fall short but I can't imagine doing anything else.

I would love to invest in ideas that I believe in. It's my dream to travel the world one day, and spend the rest of my life reading, writing, designing and making.